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A pivotal year in the life of a beautiful and successful woman, who jeopardizes everything that has made her life worthwhile, not for a grand passion, but for a whim, an errant desire that takes over her reason and her will. More

A mysterious adventurer, operating under a curse that he cannot fathom, wanders the earth ceaselessly, siring children in his wake. A young woman who has been told she is one of these, is compelled by her mother’s curse to track him down and punish him. Her relentless pursuit leads her to the worst hellhole on earth, the salt mines of Taoudenni. More

A foolish professor’s ridiculous quest for sainthood in two religions at the same time leads to turmoil and disaster — a theological variant of the Don Quixote theme. More

A domestic drama of epic proportions, as rich and varied as any 19th Century magnum opus. More

An ordinary man transports people into his mind and is forced to assume the mantle of a god. More

An existential being decides to do away with himself for “lack of drama,” a story both comic and tragic, full of dark twists and moral absurdities. More

A smart, levelheaded business executive loses his job and finds his mind spinning out of control and reality turned inside out. More

A miscarriage of justice sets off a chain of events that engulfs two children and a vast cast of memorable characters in a maelstrom of legal, social and sexual nightmares. More

A man falls for a woman he despises, a story of the lunatic byways of love and the fragility of happiness. More

A unique version of the American antihero. “Cheerfully lewd and surprisingly funny.” More

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